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I love working with growth-oriented individuals to figure out what’s next and how to get there. After all, it isn’t what you do; it’s what you do next. – Dr. Roxanne Reeves

Roxanne’s coaching focuses on career development, the challenges of leadership, business relationships, and successful communication and feedback conversations.

As a consultancy, along with an award-winning PWF Ph.D. research-practitioner team, she mentors organizations to perform through their culture.

This is a one-of-a-kind, science-based approach for measuring mental fitness and resiliency to provide highly actionable intelligence, data-driven, and a pragmatic suite of strategic solutions

Teams thrive like never before, impacting grit and civility temperament, quality work and productivity, wellbeing, and psychological safety. They have a proven track record having been part of hundreds of success stories across both public and private sectors.

But don’t let any of this overly impress you. While she is a former farm girl, homecoming queen, model, international stained-glass craftsperson, first lady, and yes, she does have a Ph.D., Roxanne was also a failure, a quitter, and a cheat. She has lived the obstacles, frustrations and issues today’s leaders face.

Roxanne specializes in mentorship and grit because it’s what she knows best.

The site is minimal on purpose because Roxanne would much rather just talk with you – no pressure, no fee, no sales.

She is simply wondering, how are things going for you and your team?

Pick up the phone, and let’s see how Roxanne can start answering some of these questions.

Mentoring’s Broken: Here’s How to Hack It | Roxanne Reeves | TEDxMoncton